Why Quitting Is Good

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Often achievers like to set out and complete their outcomes. If you’re reading this, likely you are an achiever on some level. That’s why you invest time into reading and learning new things.


Sometimes quitting can be good.

There is only a limited amount of time in the day. Well, 24hrs to be more accurate and sometimes us achievers like to pile on way too much onto our plates.

We want to get ahead. We want to progress. And so sometimes that sees us say yet to challenges when perhaps we should have said no. And then, because we are full of integrity and honour and like to be true to our word, we continue. Even knowing that it’s not the right thing to do.

I once heard some great pieces of advice from the business and management expert, Brian Tracy. He presented some questions designed to get you back on track.

“Is there anything in my life that, knowing what I now know, I would not start up again today, if I had to do it over?”

This is sometimes referred to as zero based thinking.

What are you currently doing that you wouldn’t start knowing what you know now?

Identify it.

And then make plans to stop doing it.

There’s no shame in that.

You did the best you could at the time, with the information and ambitions held at the time.

Now is a different time.

Why this post?

Well, five weeks ago I set a pledge to write a daily blog (Monday-Friday) on my website (http://harikalymnios.com) for two months. This would end at the end of March.

It was a suggestion (or challenge) presented to me by my girlfriend.

And I have diligently for the last four and a half weeks (of the eight planned) done just that. This is blog number 23.


I’m quitting.

And I rarely quit anything. Except bad habits!


Well, firstly let me say that writing each day has been amazing. There is something about forcing yourself to sit down and write something that really creates change in a person.

Because I’m writing every day and largely publishing on my own blog (not guest posting on The Huffington Post or anything like that), I don’t have to censor myself as much. I am free to write without outside submission guidelines to adhere to.

The more I write, the easier it becomes and it’s also a great medium (still) for people to consume information. I still have a YouTube (http://youtube.com/thethoughtgym) but it’s often easier for people to read than watch/listen to a video.

Why – when I have all these benefits – am I quitting?

Well, perhaps I’m not really quitting. It’s more of a hiatus.


Because tomorrow I am flying to Miami for 3 weeks and while there will be undertaking my 200 hr teacher training qualification in yoga. And because the days are scheduled to be long (8am-12am) and I don’t know for sure how much time I’ll get to write and post and even whether there’s internet access (it’s an ashram style accommodation. Sleeping on floors, doing chores, no mobiles etc), I thought I would fess up from now and say that this might be the last post for a while.

If there are any posts – and there might be – they are likely to be on no particular schedule.

And in case you are wondering if this training is about a change in career…


I’m doing it because a) I want to deepen my practice b) who wouldn’t want to go to Miami for a few weeks and escape London crawling out of winter but also c) because I want to gain a more formal qualification which fits into my framework for energetic living – The Energy B.E.A.T. Model™.

The Energy B.E.A.T. Model™ is a framework for how people – just like you – can live with amazing energy. It has four main sections – B, E, A & T.  All standing for something – Brain, Elements, Activity and Tranquility.

Part of my ongoing professional development it to ensure I continue learning and training in skills and knowledge that support my execution of each of those areas. Naturally yoga qualifications fit into the ‘Activity’ section.

If you’d like to know more about how to have an abundance of personal energy, say goodbye to waking up tired or feeling energy slumps throughout the day, then check out http://thethoughtgym.com/superenergy/

And so, I just wanted you to know

  1. You might not heard from me for a bit and
  2. It’s okay to quit – as long as it’s for the right reasons.

Think about what you are currently doing in your life now that knowing what you now know, you wouldn’t start.

And then make plans to quit it as soon as possible.

Let me know what you think about this concept below.


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