Cool Things to Help You Feel Super – March

March Favourites

This month I follow with the theme for 2016 to give you some cool items that will help improve your life. They are things that I use on a regular basis and can really help.

1) Lumie Daylight Alarm clock

The days may be getting lighter earlier but this alarm clock is still a must. Why? Because it takes 30 minutes to gently wake you by getting lighter gradually. This is a must as we shouldn’t be waking with an abrasive sound or a flash of light (by drawing the curtains open – which should be black out curtains ideally to optimise your sleep).

So especially useful in the winter to help you get u but equally in the summer too. Costs and companies vary, but this is the one I use.

2) Tamari Sauce

It’s like soy sauce but without gluten. I avoid gluten as it does affect me noticeably, but there are doctors out there saying that gluten affects everyone -regardless. Check out this video on that. I personally don’t know anyone that didn’t feel better reducing or eliminating gluten from their diet. And as someone (I hope) looking to perform better at work and home, you might want to look at everything.

3) Liforme Yoga Mat

Yoga is getting more and more popular with the masses. Professionals especially as they seek to de-stress by practicing yoga. I’ve been practising yoga (asana – the movement/shape making part of yoga, that most people in the West think of as yoga) for about 10 years on and off, and more regularly for 7-8 years. And I can attest to it being great for everything! Mind, body, spirit and more. Here are an article I have written on yoga should you wish to know more:

5 Things Every New Yogi Needs to Know

But every yogi needs a mat. I made do with the ones provided for years (why, I don’t know as they were stinky and old, but I guess I didn’t want to travel to work with it!), and then I found liforme mats. They are brilliant and really make you a better yogi. They took 5 years to develop, have great grip, thickness, are wider than most mats, have alignment patterns on them and feel great to practice on. Pricey, but you get what you pay for. If you are serious about yoga, then I recommend one. If you aren’t into yoga, I strongly suggest checking out a few styles and classes and giving it a few months and see what you think.

4) Vitamix Blender

There are blenders, then there are Vitamix’s. This daddy of a blender will blend anything. If you are a busy professional or an executive looking to perform then you must appreciate that you must be fuelled up well before a long day. I ensure I get a super-charge of nutrients in by making my own super-smoothie (about 30 different ingredients in it, including 6-8 portions of veg!).  Sure, you can buy a smoothie, but these are usually loaded with sugar (from too much fruit) and you simply won’t get value for money.

This blender will also make ice-cream (yes!) and soups. It can make flour and kneed dough. It can do the lot. Check out some ideas on YouTube. It’s pricey as well. About £500, but worth every penny. I use mine at least once per day, if not more. I make chocolate mousse, ice cream, soups, béchamel sauce, ice cream and of course, smoothies in mine.  Check out a free course here to get you started on making a breakfast smoothie.

5) Zestology Podcast

This podcast is all about health, energy and motivation and has some great guests! I listen religiously and think that if you want more health, energy and motivation, you could also benefit from listening. Check it out here:

OK, there we have my Cool Things for March. They really help me operate at a super level – at work, home and socially and think they can help you too. More blogs on how to feel super here:

Let me know if you have experience with any of these. Comment below.

What do you think?