Why We Sleep – Matthew Walk – Book of the Month

Why We Sleep Matthew Walker

Sleep. Why we sleep and why we should really prioritise this activity. That’s the subject of Matthew Walker’s book. A sleep scientist who spent four years (in between research) writing this book. 

This book makes a strong a compelling case for why we should take sleep seriously. Sleep depreciation makes us susceptible to a whole host of diseases from obesity, cancer and diabetes to alzheimer’s, inflammation and death!

Being sleep deprived affects our focus, productivity and increases our likelihood of being in a car accident. If you’re an athlete, you’re more likely to get injured, and stay injured for longer. If you are a student, you’ll learn less, be less creative and struggle to retain information. And we’re not even really getting started! Quite simply, there isn’t an aspect of our lives that aren’t affected by sleep. 

This book makes the case for good sleep, although a little light on practical great suggestions on improving sleep. For that, I would recommend checking out my Sleep Soundly course online here: http://thethoughtgym.com/sleepsoundly/ 

It’s a thorough read and very detailed. However, if you’re looking for something else to read, a little lighter, but on the topic of sleep; I can also recommend Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stephenson, Sleep by Nick Littlehales and The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. 

How do you sleep? What are your best tips? Let me know below. 

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