Weird Sh!t I Own – Part 1

I have lots of weird and wonderful things at my house that I forget others would find weird. So I thought I’d do a little series on them. I’m always on the hunt for things that can help improve my life in some small way. Some work, some don’t. The things I’m going to share with you in this series I do use regularly though. 

1 – Pin hole (mesh) glasses

These are simple glasses which are really just black lenses that you can’t see through except for tiny pin holes. 

Pin Hole Glasses

They are supposed to help people who are mildly short-sighted improve their eyesight. Sometimes, short-sightedness can get worse with wearing glasses, looking at screen, contact lenses etc as the eye becomes lazy (at least that’s the theory as I understand it). 

What these allow you to do is re-train the eye a little. You wear them while not wearing other corrective lenses – glasses or contacts. You wear for about 15 minutes and read something at distance or otherwise focus. 

I do find that by wearing them, you can read things that were once blurry. As the light has a small aperture to go through, it helps to focus it on the eye, and you can actually read things that normally you wouldn’t. Whether wearing them for 15 minutes a day will help improve or stop degradation, I don’t know. I met someone who swore by them. I believe that  you can improve your eyesight (depending on prescription). The first book I read on that was about The Bates Method, which is quite old now, as a method. Others have improved on it, and had moderate success, and some outstanding success. The biggest barrier, in my view, is that they will all require time, patience and dedication in order to correct the eyes. With no guarantee. 

Still, I wear these glasses as while I’m rebounding (mini-trampolining – see video/blog here), I am reading goals on my computer (as a presentation), and so I might as well read them with the pin hole glasses rather than normal glasses. 

You can pick up a pair on Amazon here:

2 – Toe Spaces (Awesome Toes)

Awesome Toes by Yogabody are toe spaces to allow your feet to spread out. We have been crushing our feet into un-natural footwear most of our lives. I tend (for the most part anyway) to wear ‘barefoot-style’ footwear. I actually have four pairs from Vivobarefoot. They allow your toes and feet to move more naturally. 

Awesome Toes | Yogabody
Awesome Toes | Yogabody

Awesome Toes (and other spaces) start to spread your toes out again. As they should be. Toes should be the widest part of our feet. And mostly they are crushed. Especially for women. 

This affects our balance, posture, gait, arches and foot sensitivity (and many other things). We need (in my view) to get back to some semblance of how we should be when walking and standing. 

I’ve found that wearing these I can walk around, and even wear barefoot trainers to go outside (although I wouldn’t recommend that for very long – I find them a bit restrictive. But a quick walk to the shops is fine in my experience). Other toe spaces aren’t as allowing in that respect. 

You can even do yoga in them, and you’ll probably notice a difference. Especially in the balance poses. 

I bought mine from Yogabody which you can get on Amazon here:

3 – Hearthmath (Inner Balance app) Monitor

The last thing for this blog is the Inner Balance app by Hearthmath, and the device to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

HRV is a measure of the beat to beat changes in heart rate.  If your heart beats at 60 bpm, it doesn’t do it consistently every beat with 1 second intervals. Sometimes it will be 1.1s, sometimes 0.9, then maybe 1.04, then 0.89 etc etc. 60 bpm is an average. Your HRV is a measure of this variance. A consistent variance e.g. 60 +/- 0.5 up and down every time would produce a nice ‘sine’ wave with equal oscillations above and below the average. 

A highly variant oscillation would produce a jagged shape wave. HRV is a big topic for another blog, but essentially, this device pairs up with the Inner Balance app, by Heartmath, and helps you train your heart (and brain in fact) to sync up and produce nice calm, relaxed electromagnetic waves from your heart and brain. Allowing you to become more resilient. 

I recommend reading The Heartmath Solution book, and checking them out for all the ins and outs of heartmath, stress management tools, the science behind it all and more. Really fascinating stuff. 

Essentially, this app and device (and unfortunately you can’t use your own bluetooth chest strap or other device with their app – due to this needing to be aa highly accurate reading), helps you become more resilient, deal with stress better, boost your immune system and more. 

You can get the app for free on the app stores, but you’ll need to buy the sensor for it to work – which you can get from Amazon here:

So, there are three things. More to come…

Do you own any of these? What weird and wonderful things do you own to help you feel superhuman?

Let me know below. 

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