The Secret Magic Success Formula

Success Formula

I was once a scientist / mathematician. Well, not exactly. But I did do a Physics with Astrophysics degree and also get 95% or so on my maths A-level. So I like my formula’s!

Especially when it comes to figuring out life! That’s what physics is all about after all! Figuring out life. And using formula’s.

So this formula (from Jack Canfield – co-creator of the 500 million selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books) is a great one.

It is this

E + R = O

Event(s) + Response = Outcome

What this means is that it’s not about what happens to you that is important, but how you respond  to what happens to you that is important in determining your outcome.

Two people can experience the same event. Good or bad. Maybe they get a terminal illness, or disabling injury. Maybe they lose their job, their reputation – whatever.

But how they respond will be different. They are different people after all. And it is in this response – this ability to respond – where the magic happens.

We can not always (or any time often) control the events that happen. They happen. They are neither good nor bad – in reality. They just – are. They have no preference for being good or bad. We may perceive them as being bad. Or good. But that’s just a perception.

Is losing your job good or bad? It depends. How do you view it? Maybe had you not lost your job, you were so stressed out that in a month (unknowingly to you) you would have suffered a heart attack and died. So event though you may perceive it to be bad, it might have actually been good. Even without that potential heart attack, if your response is to decide that it now gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your kids, or open that business, or travel. Then the outcome is positive. It will lead to other things. If you respond by watch Jeremy Kyle all day and eating doritos – the outmode will be vastly different!

E + R = O

Event(s) + Response = Outcome

We are more in control of our outcomes than the majority of people I come across seem to understand or accept.

Many people I’ve met like to play the victim role. Poor me. Woe to me. Blah blah….

That’s not to say that sh!* doesn’t happen. Of course it does. To everyone. Deaths, injuries, heartbreak, loss of jobs, loss of houses. On and on.

But in reality, these are just events.

Does this make sense to you?

We might have a hard time accepting it. But when we recognise it to be true, we free ourselves from the victim mindset and one that is more in control of one’s destiny.

Success is driven by your responses that you DECIDE to make when events happen. That drives your outcome and ultimate success.

Learn this equation. It’s the most important one you need to know.

What do you think?