The Real Reason to Take Responsibility


Here’s the thing. Until we start to take responsibility for everything in our lives – careers, relationships, business – whatever, we are powerless to change things.

It’s not about assigning blame. The new CEO who takes over a failing company really can’t be blamed for what it did before he arrived – but yes, even he or she can take responsibility for it.

Too many people say that things aren’t working out for them because of the economy, their upbringing, they didn’t go to the right school, or they grew up in the wrong part of town. It’s a tough pill to swallow (believe me, I’m writing this for me as much as you right now), but you – and you alone – are responsible for how your life, and all that it entails, has turned out.  (Provided you’re an adult reading this, of course. There comes a point when we have to stop blaming our parents for what’s gone wrong in our lives, although, yes, some parents do a great number on us!).

Are there people who have had a similar background and succeeded? People who have started businesses in a depression and made millions? Well, it’s not the economy then, is it?

Are you going to play ‘VICTIM’ or ‘VICTOR’?

When you take responsibility for things in your life – when you are responsible – you become responsABLE. Response ABLE

You become able to respond. You take the power back. If you take responsibility for where you find yourself in life, and not say you’re not where you want to be because of him, or her, or anybody, then you take back power. You become ABLE to RESPOND.

It’s profound, this concept. Don’t let it slip past you.

Where is it in life you are shifting over responsibility to other people or events, or situations? It becomes very liberating when you take responsibility because then you can really start to make changes.

Think about this of a moment, and then leave me a comment. I’d love to read what you’ve got to say.

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