The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People


OK, so there’s not one difference. There’s many. But there is one really interesting one that I’ve found to be true in many cases.

And that is this…..

Well, actually first up, let me just clarify something. Often, in order to be successful, you have to do things that gradually build up to success. You want a great body – you’re going to have to eat right all the time and exercise regularly. You want to be great at your job, you’re going to have to work at it – attend courses, develop yourself, invest time upfront so that you can reap the benefits later. You want to deliver a brilliant speech, you’re going to have to refine your skills, rehearse your speech and style and master the techniques.

Sometimes this will be repetitive. Shoot a perfect free throw in basketball – practice the same thing over and over and over.

Utter boredom!


Well, here’s the thing. And perhaps even a secret. The thing that both successful and unsuccessful people have in common is that they often don’t like to do the things that will bring them success.

But the difference?

Successful people DO THEM ANYWAY!

I don’t necessarily want to go and work out. I don’t want to spend an hour making my juices and smoothies. I would rather stay in bed rather than get up and meditate.

But I do them anyway.

Sure, I’ve learnt and developed techniques to make them more enjoyable, or effortless. But the truth is, I often don’t want to do them. I’d rather have the easy life (in the moment anyway).

If you can get past that sense of immediate gratification and look to how your current decisions will impact your future actions, you’ll likely make different choices.

And do the uncomfortable thing. Like sitting in on a glorious summer day to write blogs like this, or shoot video, or work on your book. (And yes, you can do some of those things outside, but you get my point).

Do the work. Do the uncomfortable thing in the moment, to get the comfort.

Remember both successful and unsuccessful people often don’t like doing the things that will bring them success. It’s just successful people do them anyway. 

What do you think? Think of an area of your life where to are successful compared to others. Is it because you do things that you need to do, regardless of whether you want to or not? 

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What do you think?