Teamwork makes the Dreamwork


Cheesy right? But right all the same.

In order to get stuff done of any significance and scale, more than just you will involved. But how to get disparate team members to work together?

Here’s a simple team hack for you to get your team to bond together quickly.

Get them do act as a unit.


Scott Wiltermuth, an assistant professor from the University of Southern California gathered groups of volunteers and split them into teams of three.

Some he had wonder around the campus as they liked, and others were told to march in like an army formation.

Others were asked to listen to the national anthem while others told to single along together and move in time to the music.

Later, the volunteers got to play a board game where they could either support or scupper one another’s progress.

Those that had been working before in unison (on the marching or singing) were far more likely to support one another than the others who hadn’t.

This is, in a way obvious. From the other side of things anyway.

In that people who have already bonded act in unison. But it’s also true that by acting in unison it will also create a bond.

Trouble with your team?  Get them doing something in unison and see what difference that makes to the dynamic of the team.

What are your thoughts on this?

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