Why You Won’t Succeed

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OK – maybe that’s a little strong. But I had to grab your attention, right? What I mean is this. If you rely on this one thing to be successful, you most likely won’t succeed long term.

What is the one thing that I am talking about? To be successful?



People think that they need willpower to succeed. Truth is, there’s nothing further from the truth. Sure, willpower can get you started, but it won’t keep you going.

Why not?

Well, willpower has been proven to be a finite resource. It wains through the day depleting as you go about your day. Occasionally you might be able to boost it with rest and refuelling, but ultimately it’s not consistent.

That’s why if you rely on willpower to eat that healthy breakfast and then again at lunch, you’ve resisted the cakes and the cookies, but now it’s 7pm and time to go home…what happens. You pig out, you succumb to the lack of willpower that you have.

What you need is systems, processes, new habits and ultimately a shift in mindset. Hence why I wrote my book The Thought Gym. When you change you mindset, you life changes along with it and you don’t rely on willpower or determination or discipline. It becomes easy.

That’s why you won’t succeed if you rely on willpower only. If you want to learn what the 7 steps that are need to create a habit change, then check out this link, and for more on the mindset piece check out The Thought Gym book.


Let me know what you think. Please comment below as would love to hear your experiences and views on this.



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