Secret Tip to Live with Energy


I am all about energy. It’s what intrigues me and fascinates me. It’s (quite literally) what gets me up in the morning.

And one of my main frustrations when working in the corporate world was how many people lack energy. Coming into work tired, going through the motions of the daily grind. No real passion in there.

I made several changes to my life over the years to enable me to have the energy, health and vitality that most of my peers were lacking.

I took these teachings – the principles for living with energy – from various places. One such source and a great teacher is (collectively) babies.

Anyone with a baby or young child will probably attest to the idea that they learn a lot from observing babies.

I won’t go into all that they teach us (we’ll be here all night – well, probably week in actual fact), but I will share something that I observed that leads directly to an increase in energy for you and me.

They are constantly learning.

They have what I call the E3 Baby Mindset. And I use it to remind myself of it every day.

The E3 Baby Mindset is this.

Explore – Enjoy – Evolve

Babies are constantly exploring – everything is new to them. They have a (in Zen terms) beginners mind.

They find fun in what they are doing. Whatever it is, they can make a game or new experience out of it.

And they are growing. Always developing themselves into something more than they were yesterday.

How often can you say that you exhibit all three parts of the E3 Baby Mindset.

I’m not perfect, by any stretch, but awareness is the first step to change and now that I know this, I constantly look to ensure I am doing what the E3 Baby Mindset suggests.

Think about your own situation.

Remember when at work you were sent on that course you’d been after a while? Or when you were part of that really fun team to work with? Perhaps even when you went on a tour to a new place?

Did you have more energy? Was there more excitement and fun attached?

Think about it?

If we don’t evolve, we devolve.

A simple hack for increasing your energy is to find things that will be new, things that require you to learn and that you enjoy learning.

You’ll have more energy in doing those things than doing something else – even with the same sleep, nutrition and fitness levels.

Those things are important, for sure. I talk about them in depth in the framework I’ve developed for Energetic Living – The Energy B.E.A.T. Model™ – which can be found here:

But for today, at least, think about the E3 Baby Mindset and how you can apply it to your life right now.

I’d love to know what you think and your experiences so please comment.

What do you think?