Radiation Nation – Book of the Month

Radiation, EMF’s and their health effects are the subject of this book. I’ve looked into the effects of radiation a little in the last 5 or so years as it’s something that I believe, based on the evidence I’ve seen and my own experience, greatly effects health. Back in the 1990’s when mobile phones were coming out, there was press about the potential negative effects of mobile phones.

Since then, the proliferation of mobiles phones has generally meant that the stories have all but disappeared from mainstream view.

This book aims to bring the conversation to the surface again. The authors argue that there is mounting evidence to show that mobile phones, and other EMF (electromagnetic frequency) devices are harmful in some way to the human body.

My personal experience tells me that I don’t like (ever since borrowing a mobile phone back in 1998) holding the phone to my head. I get a locked jaw, hot head and headache. I use earphones. Of course, they have issues – even if not bluetooth – as they are still a conductive wire, but I personally don’t notice the effect on me.

The consideration of your invisible environment is something I promote in my Leadership B.E.A.T. Model here, and I’m glad that there are more books and papers coming out in support of my intuitive suspicions.

Radiation Nation will start to open your mind to the idea that your phone could really be doing you some serious damage. The standards for what’s safe haven’t been changed in 20 years. Back then, mobiles weren’t nearly as powerful or ubiquitous. Safety standards have been assessed on the mannequin heads of adults males – whereas a child’s head is not nearly as robust. Initial research looked into the heating effects of phones yet there is a lot more to it than that. From DNA damage to long term exposure that needs to be considered.

More and more studies are showing negative effects of mobile phone (and EMF) exposure. With one study cited here concluding that

A correlation exists between mobile phone radiation exposure, DNA–fragmentation level and decreased sperm motility. 

Gents – do you want to think twice before putting that mobile phone in your trouser pocket? At least put it in airplane mode.

Remember too that back in the 1930’s people were told that smoking was good for their health. Just check out some of these images from posters back then!






















We are ourselves electromagnetic beings as is the Earth. Nowadays we are drowning in addition EMF’s from power lines, mobile phones, WiFi routers, bluetooth devices, wearable technology, lighting, TV’s, laptops, tablets and on and on. This is having an effect. I am sure of it.

What does your intuition tell you?

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