Perform Better at Work Through Food


Did you know that although your brain weighs 5% of your total body weight, but uses 20% of your body’s energy needs. In other words, 20% of the food that you eat is going to fuel your brain power.


So that means that the kind of foods you consume is going to have a dramatic effect on your brain health.

If you want to have better focus, be more productive at work and generally perform better, you really need to watch what you eat.

What are you eating?

What should you be eating?

Big question there and many different viewpoints. Most experts will agree to lots and lots of vegetables. Some fruit (we don’t need to go into why only some – but essentially sugar and acidity of fruit). Some good fats (like nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado) are vital for brain health. The brain is mainly fat after all (once water content is taken out of the equation). What else to eat? Just real food. That’s got to be the main message. Stay away from processed foods (and yes, bread, pasta etc are processed. Unless it came directly from nature looking like how you’re about to eat something – it’s been processed. I’ll admit, even my green smoothie I make in the morning is technically processed as I have put all the ingredients in a Vitamix and processed it into a smoothie. However that is generally better than supermarket processed foods). Avoid all junk food. Have lots of raw or lightly cooked/steamed veg and plenty of water (more than you are probably drinking right now).

If you want to know more about details on foods and what else is needed for health and energy, then check out

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