One of the Keys to Energy

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I have spent close to a decade in discovering what makes people excel. How do you get the best out of yourself. That journey has led me to learn many skills from NLP to EFT, from Nutritional certifications to positive psychology, from mediation and yoga to juicing and detoxing. And more to boot!

And the end result was a beautifully simple, but highly useable system for living with energy.

This system isn’t the topic of this post though! 😉 For that check out:

This post is about one part, of one section, of one of the four fundamentals (I discovered four fundamental elements that are need to live with energy).

It’s about growth. Learning.

When we are learning and growing as individuals, or a group, we get energised.

You know this to be true by just thinking back to a time when you were invested in learning something. Perhaps work had finally paid for you to go on that course you’d long been after?

Did you feel more enthused and energised? Even if you were turning up to work at the same building you can bet you felt more energised than normal.

It’s because we need to grow and learn to feel energised. If we are just stagnant in our growth we won’t be tapping into the amazing surge in energy that comes from learning something that interests you.

Why I’m writing about this today?

Well, to add to my qualifications in NLP, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, Hypnotherapy and Nutrition, I am now embarking on completing my teacher training in yoga!

Yes, I’m going to become a qualified yoga instructor!

Does that mean I’m going to teach it? I don’t know? I’m not doing it for that reason.

I’m doing it because I really like yoga (and have been practising for a number of years) and I want to gain some formal qualification in a movement discipline.

When you come to learn more about my energetic living framework ( ) you’ll see that it has four main sections.

And my intention is to rack up qualifications in each of them. And this serves that purpose.

So my question to you is this?

What do you want to learn?

Go out today and take a step towards learning it. Take the plunge or dip your toe in. Up to you. But do something to spark your growth as you’ll find a renewed sense of energy about you for doing so.

What do you think?