Why New Years Resolutions (and Goals) FAIL!

Why Resolutions Fail

January and another new years resolution or year goal for you? Likely to succeed? Unfortunately most people have already given up their goals and resolutions by 1 – 3 months into them (and not stuck them out to completion).

We see it all the time in the gym and dieting industry. A new year, a new gym membership. First week of January you go four times, then by the third week you’re down to two or three times. By the end of February, the gym floor is back to normal with the January eager beavers falling by the wayside. Same with many goals. Not just health related.


Behavioural Change

The reason (in my experience and expertise) that people fail at changing behaviours is because they try to do just that. Change a behaviour.

What’s wrong with that, you might ask.

Nothing really. Except if (like most) you are trying to change the behaviour without first addressing the mindset that drives the behaviour.


Train the mind and the rest will follow. That’s been my mantra for over 7 years now. I realised that in order to make lasting change, a fundamental shift in mindset needs to occurs. Either a belief a person holds. What they value in life. How they speak to themselves and about the thing they are looking to change. As well as, perhaps most importantly, a change in identity – how they seem themselves.

Not easy things to change. Thankfully there are ways in which you can change these things.

I was so frustrated at seeing how people set goals to change behaviours and repeatedly failed and got disappointed that in 2013 I did something about it.

The Thought Gym

I created my company – The Thought Gym – because I realised that people needed to work-IN, not just work-OUT. A workout is fine, but without a workin, it won’t be working for you.

That’s why I wrote my first book – also called The Thought Gym, to allow people to make changes that stick.

It’s a really easy to read and follow book. It’s slogan: “Train the mind, and the body will follow” tells you what we’re looking at here. If you want a better body or anything else for that matter, and you need a behaviour change, then you must address the mindset behind the behaviour.

In The Thought Gym each chapter takes you through a process to achieving your goal. Although written with a health goal in mind, the processes are transferable to any goal.

First we look at establishing a strong enough reason WHY you want that change. Without a strong enough why, it’s unlikely you’ll stick it out when the going gets tough. We also address the beliefs and values you hold in life, and I share with you how you can go about changing these. Along with how important language is in your success and simple changes that will yield amazing results.

In addition to chapters on water, nutrition and why diets don’t work, we look at how you identify yourself. And more importantly, how you can create a new empowering identity for yourself.

To ensure the best success, we round off the book with a proven 13-step method to goal setting. This will give you a structure on how to set, and, more importantly, achieve goals.

I really encourage you to buy this book for yourself or a friend who has ever set a goal and not achieved it. I know it will be invaluable to breaking through and moving towards success.

So, if you have a goal or new years resolution for this year, and don’t want to fail like the masses, I implore you to make a shift in your mindset first. And a great way is with The Thought Gym.


“Train the mind, and the rest will follow.”

If you’ve already read it, let me know what you thought below. And remember to go over to Amazon and leave me a review. I appreciate every single review I get and it helps get the word out to more people.  

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