Mastery in Any Topic in 5 Simple Steps

If you want mastery in any topic or subject – or at least be more proficient than 99.99% of other people out there, then you’ll want to continue reading this blog. Five simple steps – as easy at 54321!

Here goes

5 – Read 5 Books

Get out 5 of the top rated or most quoted or referenced books on the subject. Study the books. It might be 5 different authors, so you can get a wide viewpoint. Create mind-maps about the book, taking key points. 

4 – Listen to 4 Podcasts

This doesn’t mean just four podcast episodes. Subscribe to four podcasts and/or YouTube channels that address that topic specifically, and listen to as many episodes as possible. One per day during this whole process. 

3 – Study 3 Online Courses

Find three online courses that are by three different teachers on the subject, and complete them! There are many quality online platforms out there teaching subjects on all sorts of things. 

2 – Attend 2 live events

Attend two live events or trainings by different experts on the subject. Fully commit to the training and take plenty of notes. 

1 – Find a coach or mentor

Find one coach or mentor who is already an expert on the subject. Commit to a few sessions with them over a couple of months – if not longer. 

Once you have done all these steps, you’ll know more about the subject than 99.99% (or more) of people out there. Maybe even 99.99999% of people out there. 

Of course, real mastery might take a lifetime to achieve, but doing the 54321 process will get you a fair way there. You’ll be able to talk to experts on the topic and know what you’re talking about. You’ll be able to help others on the topic. 

What do you think? Willing to give it a go?  Let me know. 

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