Leaders Are Readers: February Book of the Month

Book of the Month | Hari Kalymnios | The Thought Gym

One thing I’ve learnt through all my personal and professional development is that learning never stops. I used to think that once I was done with university, that was it. I was a finished product! How wrong was I!

Now, I realise that learning is an ongoing game and that the best leaders our there are also ferocious readers. Warren Buffet reads for hours each day. And he’s one of the richest people out there. That’s got to tell you something. And look throughout history and present day and you’ll find the same pattern.

So, each month I will share with you a “book of the month”.

This month it’s Power versus Force, by Dr David R Hawkins M.D, Ph.D.

It’s one of my most recommended books to people. Because it’s so mind-blowing that most of you will have difficulty accepting it’s premise.

In short it’s about how by using the idea of Kinesiology (which is muscle testing), you can effectively derive at a yes/no answer for anything. A human lie-detector.  More than that, you can work out which substances are good or bad for you – because the body intrinsically knows and will communicate that to you via this muscle-testing. He also proposes that there are various spiritual levels of consciousness for everyone and everything and these can also be determined via the same method.

I know it all sounds “out there” but as leaders, we must have open minds and be willing to explore new information as it’s presented to us and not dismiss out of hand, because it doesn’t fit our current paradigm.

I won’t say any more, other than to say I recommend buying it. Having a read. Test out some of the hypotheses for yourself and then decide what you will.

Personally, I read a lot of books from science, meta-science, spirituality, personal development, biographies, health, fitness, diet, nutrition and so on. I like to read widely and I see common threads amongst many of these fields.

Take a chance on Power versus Force and let me know what you think of it.

Have you read it already? What do you think of it? 


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