Leaders Are Readers: December Book of the Month

Book of the Month | Hari Kalymnios | The Thought Gym

Each month in 2016, I’ve been sharing a book of the month. A book that has had an impact in my life and will be of service to you.

As I say in the title of this article – Leaders are readers. My experience with leaders has been that all the great ones are avid readers (or at the very least consumers of information and ideas to help make them better leaders).

This Month’s Book

In our quest to continually develop, I believe that reading is a great tool. This month the book I’ve chosen, somewhat self-promotionally, is from me. The Thought Gym: Train the Mind and the Body will Follow.

I wrote this book as I saw a big problem in the market when it came to health, fitness, dieting and other wellness related goals. If you don’t have any of those, then fear not. This book is still of massive benefit to any goal. I just framed it for health and wellness. The reason there is a big problem in the market is that most people are trying to address behaviour changes first. And the key is really the mindset behind the behaviour.

How many time have you heard about, or seen, someone join a gym in January, only to give up in February. Or start yet another diet. The problem I concluded was that the thing driving the actions and behaviours wasn’t being addressed. And that was a person’s mindset or psychology.

In this book, The Thought Gym, I take the reader through a companion led journey to shift that mindset. We start with understanding why the person wants this particular thing in the first place. It’s so important to understand the ‘why’ behind something. Otherwise when the going gets tough – and it will – you have something to draw back on. We also look at the beliefs and values that drive decisions and you get clear on how these values are either helping or hindering you. We look at practicalities like water, food and exercise. Then we also look at changing your identity which is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Shift you identity and everything changes.

And to round it all off, we look at a system for goal setting that can help you achieve that outcome you want.

Even if you are dialled in with your health and fitness, you will find the techniques in this book translate across a number of goals.

I’m very proud of this book, as it was something that I felt I needed to share with the world. And I already know it’s been helpful to a number of people. I remember this fact, as I sit down to write my second book which will deal with how to become superhuman! Look out for that in 2017!

Let me know what you think of this (shameless self-promotion) book. Have you read it? If not, you can read the first 3 chapters for free here: http://harikalymnios.com and if you like it, grab a copy from there, or Amazon

Comment below on your thoughts. 

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