LEADERS ARE READERS: Book of the Month – May 2016

Warrior Pose | Hari Kalymnios

This month I suggest to you one of my most favourite books of recent times – perhaps of all time. It’s a tale of illness and frustration. Loss and regain. Overcoming the odds and succeeding.

I call this post LEADERS ARE READERS, because as leaders – whether or not you consider yourself one is another thing – are always looking to add to their knowledge pool and see if things can be done better. And what better way than reading. (Along with experience, mentorship and others, of course!).  If you don’t consider yourself a leader, I would invite you to look at it differently. My philosophy on leadership is that you must first be able to lead yourself before leading other people, so you must do what you can to lead yourself optimally.

Part of that is reading.

So what’s the book?

It’s called Warrior Pose, by Brad Willis.

Warrior Pose is a pose in yoga – one of the standard ones across most physical styles of yoga. If not all. I have been into yoga for about 10 years (on and off – more consistently 8 years), when I went to my first class after working night shifts at the London Stock Exchange. I had previously tried running/gymming at 9am after working all night, but wasn’t a great idea. So I found something more manageable.

Not that yoga is easy. It really depends on class, style, teacher, studio/gym and so on. If you want to read more on my perceptions on yoga then check out my articles on gaia.com



This book is about yoga, but not really. It’s about a war correspondent – Brad Willis – and his fall from grace (in terms of his reporting career) following breaking his back and developing throat cancer.

He was at death’s door and then discovered yoga. Given 2 years to live he…..

Well, I’ll let you get to that.

This is a book I recommend to anyone staring, doing or thinking about doing yoga normally. But I think that this book is one for all.

Part of being the best self-leader you can be, is to make sure you are on point – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If there’s one practise that embodies that, it’s yoga.

You can learn more about the book Warrior Pose here and by watching the video below.

Have you read this? What did you think? Let me know below. 

What do you think?