JULY Favourite Things to Help you Feel SUPER!

Hari Kalymnios | The Thought Gym

It’s July and this month, like every month, I’m sharing with you a few items that I use to help improve my life in some small way. Let’s crack on with the list.

1) Buttafly Meditation Cushion


I bought this a couple of months ago because for some time I had been looking for something to sit on while meditating. I have experimented with cushions and all sorts but when I tried this foam angled cushion out I liked it. It keeps your spin in a great position and tilts your hips slightly. There are different sizes and tilts to suit your needs. I find it helps with my posture and keeps my knees in a better position.

2) Life Factory Water Bottles

I’ve reviewed water bottle before and that’s because I use a variety for different reasons. When I make my smoothies to take outside the house, I put them in a Life Factory glass bottle. I prefer glass to plastic because the green smoothies can stain plastic sometimes (especially with the amount of turmeric I often put in them!). I also drink my water in the house from them as better tasting than from plastic (even non-BPA) bottles. They are a little heavy and when carrying in the bag I recommend the sealed lid (no latch for a spout), as I’ve had a few spillages with the spouted ones!

3) SUCCESS Magazine

Success MagazineI subscribe to SUCCESS Magazine which I like because I get to read and learn about entrepreneurs and change makers who can inspire me. You also get a CD each month with interviews from amazing people. I recommend that you do take out a subscription to whatever magazine is relevant to your goals or ambitions or industry. Rather than grabbing whatever is to hand. This magazine will help inspire, motivate and educate – hence recommending it.

4) Bamboo T-Shirts






I have recently discovered the versatility of bamboo. It’s a tree that will grow extremely fast in a short period of time (after years of care – see my video/post on that here). Not only does it grow fast, but it’s extremely tough. In Asia it’s used as scaffolding. But you can also make clothing out of it. It’s lightweight, breathable, soft and anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Pretty cool really. And takes less resources (water) to make than traditional cotton. The t-shirt I’m wearing in the video is made by mabboo.com

5) Freeletics App


This is a free app (now branched out into Bodyweight, Gym & Running) that you can use on your phone to get you fit and active. It’s pretty social – so you can have feeds of friends that you can use to motivate yourself. There are plenty of free workouts you can do before upgrading. So you can definitely get toned and fit using it for free. Worth checking out: https://www.freeletics.com

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What do you think of these things? Do you use any? Let me know below.

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