Increase your Energy with this Simple Solution

Secret to Having Energy

Most people turn to the obvious solutions when it comes to increasing their energy levels. Exercise, food and sometimes rest!

And these all work. They do.

But, there are many other ways to increase your energy levels.

Here’s one I want to share with you (taken from my Energy B.E.A.T. Model).

It’s that of providing service. Serving others in a volunteering capacity.

Think about it. Have you ever volunteered somewhere? Maybe a soup kitchen, a charity or some other event. You maybe had to get up really early, didn’t eat lots during the day, but yet you found the energy to serve and serve with a smile, no less.

That’s because serving others energises you. It really does.

I haven’t always been consistent with this but in the past I have volunteered as a Scout Leader, for a school reading program as a mentor to disadvantaged children and even on my local Toastmasters club committee. All thoroughly rewarding. And now I volunteer at a couple of other organisations (The Yes Group and British Red Cross).  And not for totally altruistic reasons I have to say. I know that yes, it’s great for the organisation to have volunteers, but it’s also great for me personally to volunteer.

It helps me give back, provide value and energise myself.

You might not be able to give regularly. I get that. But maybe it’s just a few times a year – or even once a year. The Yes Group for example has an annual Basket Brigade whereby we wrap up gift hampers and distribute them on the 23rd of December each year. The recipients are families who otherwise wouldn’t have a full on Christmas Dinner. Basket Brigade is actually an initiative started by international Peak Performance Coach and Life Strategist, Tony Robbins, and now runs internationally. Feeding over 2 million people a year!

The point is this. There are opportunities to volunteer your time outside of work. It’s rewarding, it’s fulfilling and to the point of this post – it’s energising!

What do you think? Tell me about how you meet your volunteering needs and what you think about it energising you.

Click on the video for a bit more.

What do you think?