How to Improve Your Brain Health

Dr Daniel Amen (author of the book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life) is a psychiatrist who has analyses over 70,000 brain scans using a S.P.E.C.T. scan (Single Photon Emission Computerised Tomography).

And he’s found some interesting characteristics and qualities when it comes to brain health.

And I’m assuming that you want your brain to be as healthy as possible. Right?

Some of the obvious finding are that things like alcohol and trauma is clearly not brain healthy!

But one of the more interesting findings was that as you get more and more overweight, your brain tends towards getting smallershrinking!

Not only that, but the functionality of your brain also decreases as your weight increases!

So if you want your brain to stop shrinking, and keep it’s functionality, then you need to keep to a good healthy weight.

A couple of (shameless plugs) ways to do that would be to start with getting your mindset ready for maintaining a health weight, by way of reading this book – The Thought Gym,

and then understanding what else it takes to be health, fit and energised by checking out

I don’t know about you, but apparently we only use 10% of our brains potential and we shouldn’t want to do anything more to make that decrease!

So stay brain healthy and let me know what you think about this idea and Dr Daniel Amen (if you know of his work) in the comments section below. 


What do you think?