How to Get Better – Faster!

Better Faster

Last week I was a general evaluator at a local Toastmasters club. Toastmasters is an international organisation that helps people develop their public speaking skills. As a general evaluator, it’s my job, being an outside observer to that particular club, to comment on various people fulfilling roles at that meeting.

And what I noticed with this club was that even relatively new members that in other clubs would not be as competent, seemed to be performing better than I expected. Why was that? The club itself is a very well run, organised, punctual and established club. It attracts committed people (it meets at 7am every week – most other clubs are evening clubs) due to squeezing it in before work. The speakers who are established are really, really good too.

And that’s what struck me.

A rising tide raises all ships 

What this means is that when someone else is doing well, or you’re in an environment where excellence is commonplace, even a mediocre person can raise their achievement more than if they were elsewhere.

I think of this phrase to also explain to people who sometimes begrudge their “competitors” success. Here’s the thing – say someone in your field is crushing it. That’s a good thing for you as it will raise the profile of the particular niche that you’re in and there will be more demand for it.

If you’re a yoga teacher and others are crushing it – great. It will be easier to grab the attention of that next corporate client that is now aware of yoga and all it’s benefits. If you’re into green juicing then love the fact that people like Jason Vale and Joe Cross are doing so well in raising awareness of green juices.

Do you get it?

Don’t be afraid of others success and if you can, put yourself in environments that really excel as it will raise you up too. Often you won’t even realise it. Those people at the speaking club have no idea that they are probably better speakers at that club after 6 months, than they would be at another more novice club after 6 months.

What changes can you make to get better at your chosen skill?

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