How to Communicate Better

This quick blog is about communication and how to do it better. It’s a lesson I learnt from a child whilst watching a documentary and seeing this in the background:

Think Before You Speak

But think was written T.H.I.N.K.


Because it was a useful acronym for deciding whether you should speak or not.

T – True

Is what you’re about to say true? Perhaps politicians should take note on that one! Let’s stick to the truth when we speak. And then…

H – Helpful

Is what you are about to say going to help the person in some way? Or is it just self-serving?

I – Inspiring

With so much negativity around, let’s be the inspiring lights to guide the way. Don’t worry about the negativity. Someone else will pick that one up!

N – Necessary

Are you just talking to fill a void? To sound important? Out of habit? Think about whether what you are about to say is really necessary.

K – Kind

Is it a kind thing? You can still give people feedback and help them improve and do it in a kind and inspiring way. Just read my blog about giving great feedback here.

So, that’s the lesson I learnt from a 6 year old.

Lessons that we can all benefit from. I get many many lessons from infants and children. If you pay attention, they really do have the answers to many useful things. And this was just one example.

What do you think? (Pardon the pun!)


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What do you think?