How to Breathe Properly – Book of the Month – February 2018

the oxygen advantage - Patrick McKeown - hari kalymnios

Breathing. The power of breath and how to breath properly. That’s the subject of this month’s book of the month. It gets pretty technical, but it’s an eye opener for you I’m sure. The book is called…

The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown 

Breathing. Some of the interesting things in the book are the importance of nasal breathing, the problem that most people have (which is over breathing), how to naturally raise your EPO (the substance that Lance Armstrong was doping with, and increases performance, but you can get it legally and naturally), how to train at altitude (without going up to altitude or buying an altitude mask) and how it’s carbon dioxide that’s important for increasing the oxygen that gets into your cells.

Like I said, it gets pretty technical so think that this might be a book only for you if you are really into optimising your performance in physical endeavours, or your into your health, or getting more energy and increased health.

The upshot of the whole book is to breath in and out through the nose, breath lightly but deeply (into the belly), and practise incremental breath holds (building up slowly), but not taking gasps of breath. Just normal breaths.

Check it out here, and let me know what you think.


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