How to Be Superhuman Podcast | Interviewed by Petra Velzeboer

This is the video and audio interview on a podcast I was on recently.



TedX Speaker and thought leader who started his career in the London stock exchange, learned over time that if we want to be superhuman (the ultimate best version of ourselves), we need to have the physical and mental energy to sustain us.

With his extensive knowledge of the practical habits we need to put in place to allow us to live our individual mission, Hari gives us a breakdown of the habits and routines that allow you to live your superhuman life! I love learning more about the connection between our physical and mental health, how we cannot work on one in isolation and expect our best results. Check out Hari’s free links and resources here: – FREE video series My Superhuman Smoothie – Weekly videos on YouTube – Facebook Page -The Leadership BEAT Model

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