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This is a really quick blog for you. It’s a simple straightforward way that researchers from Queensland University in Australia have determined makes people happier. ( )

In fact, they suggest it’s the kind of boost in happiness lives that you might get with a new job.  And the secret? After looking at more than 12,000 adults?

Eating 8 portions of fruit and veg a day makes you happier. 

Data was collected over a 2 year period from people 15 – 93 years old.

How many portions of veg do you eat? While the study showed 4 + 4 seemed to be optimal between fruit and veg, my personal recommendation is 80% veg 20% fruit and although the study didn’t show improved happiness levels with more portions, in my research having more portions will lead to many other benefits. I personally aim for somewhere between 15 – 20 potions a day! Yes! I can have up to 12 potions spread across a morning veg juice and veg smoothie. Then I might have 5 portions at lunch and another 5 at dinner. If you include the fact that my supergreen green powders count and the occasional shot of wheatgrass (which is around 8 portions) then I could be over 30 portions on some days.

But let’s just start with 8!

Full paper here:

What do you think? Would you give it a try? For your happiness levels? 


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What do you think?