Getting Over Fear: Scientifically Sound Way

Hack Fear Thumb

When we are fearful – real or imagined, we regress into our primal nature. The brain/body shut down rational thought and enters into survival mode.

If you are in a heightened emotional state. Like fear, or anger, and want a way out of it, it can be hard.

It’s hard because your brain – at least the human part – the pre-frontal cortex, has shut down effectively. All that is operating is the primal emotional and more important, survival parts of the brain.

How to reactivate the human part?

It’s simple really.

Acknowledge the emotion. 


As soon as you do that. For example “I’m feeling really scared right now”, it lights up that part of the brain. It brings blood flow back in and then you can rationally asses and make the next step.

It sound too simple to be true. But it is.

Next time you are fearful, angry, stressed or anything that might cause that fight, flight or freeze response, just acknowledge the emotion/feeling. It will then give you new opportunities to respond.

Let me know how you get on and remember to share this with people you think it might help. 

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