Get Smarter without Studying At All!

Boost IQ

Want to boost your intelligence – and do it all without even opening a book, studying or trying a sudoku puzzle? Then read on.

I’ve long been saying this – and firmly believing it too – that “a healthy body = a healthy mind”. Now, science and research is catching up and saying the same thing.

But before I dive into that, let me just explain a couple of things. You see, I was always told (way back in the high school days) that after a certain age (back then they said 16 – convenient as I was 16 at the time), you start to loose brain cells. And they don’t grow back.


Here’s the thing. Neuroscientists are discovering new things about the brain (and mind) all the time. And a couple of things are the neuroplasticity of the brain and the idea of neurogenesis. Neuroplasticity is effectively your brain’s ability to adapt. To forge new neuro connections, adaptations and new learnings and behaviours. With neurogenesis being the formation of new brain cells. Something my high school biology teacher evidently knew nothing about at the time (20 years ago).

I did in fact write about these concepts in my book – The Thought Gym – and how they could be influenced and improved.

And here’s the thing. Science is now showing that the body does really affect the mind. To the extent that you can get smarter by exercise!


Improve your intelligence, reduce your risk of brain related ailments and improve creativity by exercise!

Research coming out of Sweden found that there was a direct correlation between fitness levels and IQ. According to the article in SUCCESS Magazine, this study followed over 1 million males for 40 years. Measuring their physical fitness and IQ are certain intervals. What was found that those who increased the physical fitness did better on IQ tests and those that decreased their physical fitness performed worse.

Essentially, the brain function being determined by physical prowess.

Furthermore, there is also research coming from the UK in a study of 2,235 men showing that by adhering to 4 out of 5 healthy behaviours (exercising, eating healthily, not smoking, drinking very moderately, and keeping a BMI between 18 and 25) they reduced their risk of developing dementia by 60%!

That’s pretty impressive, no?

And that’s not all. Research coming out of Stanford showed a marked increase in creativity resulting from exercising (walking). There, they asked participants to sit and complete a short series of creativity tests. And then later asked to do a set of tests while walking at a comfortable speed. They did much better. They generated 60% more new and practical uses for the object they were asked to find creative uses for.

And the increase in creativity was still there (albeit lower) when doing an activity like walking and then doing the creative endeavour.

So, do you have to walk? What’s the best activity or exercise for you to do?

Well to answer that, read my blog post on how to decide on the best exercise for you. It’s a simple system that will allow you to chose the best one for you. Read it here.

Conclusion – the mind and the body are inextricably linked. One affects the other and vice versa. they are in fact two sides of the same coin and to think otherwise is to miss out and potentially adversely affect one while focussing on the other.

Get out there. Walk, increase your IQ, boost your creativity and reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Leave a comment and let me know how this is going to change what you do and what you think about it.


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