Four Steps to Achieving Your Outcomes

Successful Outcomes | Hari Kalymnios


We all have outcomes that we like to achieve. Sometimes we call these goals, ambitions, dreams or results. Whether that’s to make it to work on time, get that promotion, get the date or get fitter and healthier. It could be anything.

I want to share with you a simple four step process that you can use from today to help you achieve your outcomes. It’s the key to it all really. Let’s crack on.

  1. Know It
  2. Use It
  3. Notice It
  4. Change It

1) Know it

First step is to really know and be sure as to what your outcome actually is. When we throw generalities and vagueness out there, that’s what we get back. Being clear and specific on what you want to achieve will make it really easy to understand whether the action your performing right now, or the opportunity that’s presented itself to you is supporting or scuppering your journey to your outcome.

2) Use It

Secondly we need to use it. What’s that about? Use yourself to TAKE ACTION. You must do something towards the attainment of this (specific) outcome. If you want to write a book and your outcome is to “write a 250 page book on how to build rapport with anyone”, then the use it part would be to commit to writing 2 pages a day every day. In this example you are using it. Using you to move forward and take action.

3) Notice It

Next up we have to notice it. Notice what? This mean we have to notice whether what we are doing is working or not. Is writing two pages a day going to be enough to get 250 good quality pages into a book. You might need to write 4 pages a day, just to get the fluff out. Whatever the outcome that you set yourself was, notice whether what you are doing is working or not. And then….

4) Change It

Don’t be afraid to change your approach. If it’s not working, don’t keep doing it. As Einstein is often over quoted as saying: “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results!”

Be clear on the outcome, but don’t be fixated on the method or approach. In our book example above, maybe you need to write more, maybe you need to stop working on the book at home and switch to a coffee shop or library?

So that’s it. Really simple on paper. Harder to do in practice. But this method when followed will ultimately lead to many successful endeavours for you at home, work and play!

What do you think? Has this helped you? Please comment and let me know.

What do you think?