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This month I share with you five things I use regularly that will help you feel superhuman. That’s what I’m all about after all. So let’s get started.

Blue light Blocking Glasses

You may have been hearing about the damage that blue light from devices can do to your sleep and health. Blue light (from the full spectrum of light that is emitted) inhibits the production of melatonin (which is, amongst other things, responsible for enabling good sleep. It also has cancer fighting properties and super essential to good health).

This light comes from devices like tablet, eReaders, smartphones, TV’s and household lights. On the devices you can use things like f.lux and twilight (apps for laptop and smartphones, respectively which I’ve talked about in this blog post already: http://harikalymnios.com/february-favourite-things-to-make-your-life-better ).

However, I wear these sunglasses in the evening. I know! Weird. But it really makes a difference. I put the lights on low (I either use dimmers, side lights or candles) and then also wear the glasses. Especially useful if watching TV (yes, it does make everything a little orange but you forget about that after a while, and for me, it’s really noticeable if I don’t wear them. My eyes get really strained come 9pm!)

Really recommend getting a pair and trying for yourself. You’ll notice your sleep improve for sure if you wear them for an hour or two before bed.

Organic Rose Water

This is a spray bottle of rose water. Roses have a very high frequency and give off a very nice cooling and soothing sensation. When you spray the water, you also get this feeling. I have found it useful too for dry eyes and just as a pick-me-up. It’s hard to describe the benefit, but I recommend picking up a bottle and trying it out for yourself. You can try the tester spray out at Whole Foods Market, I believe.

Bluetooth Headphones

I use the Samsung HS3000 to connect to my phone when listening to podcasts, music etc and making calls.  I can’t really have the mobile near to my head for longer than 30 seconds without feeling hot, having a lock jaw or getting a headache! EMF’s (Electromagnetic Frequencies) are bad news. Sure, bluetooth, is still an EMF but it’s a lighter effect and weaker transmission range, plus with these headphones the bluetooth isn’t on the head. You can wear the clip away from your body.

I find that using this device allows me to make calls while doing other things, like rebounding (see this blog post: http://harikalymnios.com/5-cool-things-you-should-own-january-favourites ), washing the dishes, doing the ironing etc. Low level tasks. And listening to audiobooks and so on while doing the same activities. And if you get a call in the middle of listening to a book, it’s easy to take it if you wish.

Really found that it’s freed up a lot of time for me.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts, or Magnesium salts, are great to put in a nice warm bath. They help detoxify the body by drawing toxins out through the skin, as well as serve as a muscle relaxant and sleep inducer.  Ideally, if you could have a bath 2 – 4 times per week with a cup of this stuff, you will notice your sleep improve, muscles feel less sore and you’ll have a pleasant mild detoxification of the body going on. Magnesium is also a mineral responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including giving us energy, and it’s also something that most people are woefully lacking in!


If you’ve never heard of sprouting, it’s basically allowing certain foods to begin the process of coming to life! Sprouting certain beans (for example, I often use mung beans) raises the nutrient profile by hundreds of percent. So the nutrients you are getting in really are sky rocketing. It’s super easy with a sprouting tray. Just put the mung beans (or other type) into the tray, and rinse with water twice a day. After a few days they will sprout and you will have quadrupled the nutrients you would have had just by eating them cooked! How awesome is that?  You don’t even need a sprouter as some people do the same process using jars.

There we have it, my five favourite things for April. I only share with you the things that I use and know help me feel super.

Do you know of these already? Are you using any? Let me know by commenting below and remember to share this with others as I know it can help.

What do you think?