Decision. It’s a scary word. Making a decision in today’s world. So today I wanted to share with you some advice on how to make decisions. Specifically tough decisions.

Many of my clients, friends and family struggle to make decisions. I see it all the time. And I’m also somewhat guilty of it too. Afraid to make the wrong decision. Overwhelmed by the choice that we have available. Decisions often made for us.

I’m not going to delve into the psychology or history behind why this is so, but I will give you something very practical to take away and use.

A pattern I have noticed is that in my experience people go through life without making many real decisions and then when it comes to the big ones – like “should I leave my job”, “what should I do with my life”, “what school will be the best option for my child”, “what should I do in this emergency at work?” – or whatever the big decision is – they get paralysed. Fearful of making the wrong decisions.

Why is this?

Simply put – they haven’t warmed up their decision making muscle.

You wouldn’t go out and run a marathon never having even taken a run round the block – would you?

Well, why would you make big decisions when you’re not used to making even smaller ones?

And therein lies the solution.


When you have the chance to make a decision. You’re out with friends and they ask what restaurant to go to, or what movie to watch, or whether they look good in this or that. Whenever an opportunity comes along for you to make a decision. Make it.

And let me get something cleared up right away. You’re going to make the wrong decision from time to time. That’s life. That’s decision making.

Hell, I made a wrong decision just last night. Sure it wasn’t a big one, but it was a wrong one (well – truth be told there is no right or wrong, there just is – but that’s another blog post to write).

But I’m over it. So what? I will make wrong decisions. I will however make more decisions and therefore, because I will be more used to making them, I’ll get better.

If we sit on the fence the whole time, and then wait until we have to make a decision. Chances are it’ll be a big one and we will struggle unduly with it.

Here’s your assignment.

Take any decision that presents itself to you over the next 10 days. No matter how small. Warm up that muscle. Make the wrong decision. And then eventually you’ll be better equipped to make any type of decision.

Here’s a video with more on that.

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