7 Reasons to Avoid Dairy

Why Milk Is Bad | Hari Kalymnios | The Thought Gym

I’m not a fan of dairy (especially cow’s dairy). I think we’ve been largely duped into believing we need it (we don’t). Not only that, but as one of the main causes for many allergies (the other being gluten/wheat), it’s one to avoid. Whether or not you buy into the reasons below, I really strongly suggest you do an experiment. Go completely dairy free for a month. See what happens? That’s all? Then do what you want afterwards. Remember to check all labelling as there is milk/dairy in products galore. But for now, here are 7 reasons to get you thinking anyways.

1.     Cancer

In his book, The China Study, Dr Colin Campbell gives research which shows that the protein found in (85%) of cow’s milk, casein, literally acts like a light switch for cancer. When rats were introduce to a carcinogen (cancer forming agent) and then fed diets of 20% casein, they developed cancer, but with reducing to only 5%, this cancer stopped. Furthermore, if the rats were fed diets of 20% protein but from plant sources and still introduced to the carcinogen, they did not develop cancer. Please read his book!  Also, dairy consumption increases the body’s level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) – a known cancer promoter.

2.     Osteoporosis

We’re all sold on the myth that we must have milk to have strong bones.  We’ve all seen those popular “Got Milk” ads with all the stars promoting the stuff BUT….ponder this if you will.  The five highest consumers of milk in the world (and therefore most likely to have strong bones and less osteoporosis are:

United States




But, when you also look at the countries with the highest cases of osteoporosis are….

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Milk has never been shown to positively protect against fractures and the famed Nurse’s study from theUSAshows milk consumption might increase fracture risk by 50%!

3.     Heart disease

Dairy is high in saturated fat and cholesterol (tip: you can only get cholesterol from animal products. Your body produces it’s own cholesterol – all it needs in fact.  So, if you have high cholesterol, rather than succumb to statins, just cut out animal products and your cholesterol levels will in all likelihood tumble.

4.     Toxins

Cow’s are not allowed to roam around free and easy these days.  They’re pumped full of antibiotics and various growth hormones to make them produce more milk.  Granted, it’s worse in the USA, than in the UK and perhaps elsewhere, but the bottom line is, that even if we were meant to drink milk (which I don’t believe we are) we certainly weren’t meant to consume a host of other chemicals, hormones and other nasties found in there.

5.     Diabetes

The consumption of diary has been linked to Type-1 diabetes.  Studies in various countries have found a correlation between the two.  Not to mention, that consumption of lots of cheeses and other dairy products promotes weight gain and therefore risk of obesity and then type-2 diabetes too.

6.     Allergies, ailments and intolerances

Consuming dairy is a major source of problems for many people – and they don’t even realise it.  Many people don’t have the enzyme lactase (which they do as very young children) to break down the lactose found in milk.  75% of world’s population is lactose intolerant!  Dairy also creates mucus, bloating and sinus issues.  Quitting dairy also helped me with not only my sinus issues but also the tinnitus I had!

7.     Acidic for your body

High in sulphur, which aims to make your body acidic – which it doesn’t like.  Your blood will do what it can to remain in a tight range (around the 7.346 point on the pH scales) so it must ensure that it neutralises the acid and does this through stripping nutrients from your organs – kidney, liver, bones, skin etc.

And think about this, not even cow’s drink cows milk! Baby calves yes, but not cows. And no mammal continues to drink milk beyond their weaning years – except humans, and that’s not even from our own species!


I know this may be controversial, but hey. So what? Let me know what you think below, as I’d love to hear from you too. 

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