5 Favourite Things for May

Fave Things May | Hari Kalymnios

If you want a bit of an edge in life, or just to find things that will help you in life, then this series is for you. I share – each and every month – a few items that make my life easier, improve it in some way or are just cool to have.

So let’s get cracking!

#1 – Mason Jars

What? Yep. I love these things for storing my morning smoothies and juices in. You can seal them, and then drink out of them like glasses. And because it’s not a plastic bottle, it doesn’t contain BPA or any other nasty plastic residues you might get from other bottles. Designed (for me at least) to be drunk at home and not on the move. Cheap and easy to purchase. Worth looking into.

#2 – What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine











This magazine I happened across at an event and ended up getting talked into a subscription. I’ve been receiving it ever since. It shares really useful information in regards to health, treatments and all manner of subjects geared towards getting you living better. Most (if not all) articles are referenced from either published articles, government sites or similar. If you want to be healthy, then the responsibility is on YOU and not anyone else. Certainly not a doctor (as great as they are) who has 6 minutes to look at you (and see another 50 patients that day). Doctors can’t always tell you everything. For one, they are so busy doing great work and managing their own lives, it’s rare to find a doctor who is totally up with all the latest research and findings. And even if they are, by the time it trickles down into actual practise it might be too late to do anything about.

Whilst you don’t have to buy into everything in the magazine (I don’t), it will certainly give you a fresh and different perspective on health and treatments that you won’t find in mainstream media. And if mainstream media and friends are your only source for information regarding your health, then you are doing yourself a great dis-service.

#3 – Gluten Free Pizza Bases











More and more people are going gluten free these days. And with good reason in my opinion. I don’t know anyone who has gone gluten free (properly, mind you – not overly substituting with gluten-free processed crap) and not felt better. This isn’t a discussion about gluten but it’s a major cause of inflammation in the body (and brain), it can cause bloating and ruins the gut lining. Just do some of your own research and experimentation on it to see what you think, after that.

All the above (about gf processed foods) being said, I do buy the occasional gluten free processed things. I do love a good pizza and I think these pizza bases taste great for the occasional pizza and movie night. They’re from a place called Venice St Bakery and you can buy online.

#4 – Yoga Talk Podcast










This isn’t just for the yogi’s reading. This podcast is for anyone interested in their health. Which is your number one key to wealth (or as I read recently – Wellth. Get it? For well-being).  The presenter – Lucas Rockwood – is educated, non-dogmatic in his approach and genuine in his desire to help people (I believe). The guests and information presented are accessible and insightful. Worth a listen.

#5 – Gratitude Log

I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now, and I can say, that within 30 days of doing it my perspective on life totally changed. It might be cliched to say it, but living with an attitude of gratitude is the way to go. It’s very difficult to live in fear, anxiety, hate, frustration etc when you are grateful.

Here’s how it works (for me). I have a plain book that I keep by my bed with a pen. Each night when I go to bed, I write down 3 things that I’m grateful for. Either that day, or in life in general.

It might be that you are grateful for spending time playing with your nieces, children etc. It might be that you have access to free books from the library. It might be that you can get across town in a jiffy using public transport. Or that you don’t have to walk 10 miles to fetch clean water. The internet. You get the picture.

No matter what’s going on in your life, if you can spend 3 – 5 minutes each evening to find 3 things (no matter how small, or large) to be grateful for, your whole life will change.

I strongly suggest writing them down, and in the same book. Don’t use that book for anything else and don’t just try and remember to think grateful thoughts. When you write it down it becomes deeper embedded, and before bed will aid with your sleep and cement that gratitude into your brain. You can of course do it upon wakening (and I often do, in my 5 Minute Journal – which I mentioned in this blog post). But the point is, just do it.

It will – no word of lie – change how you operate in this world, for the better.

There are my 5 favourite things for May.

What do you think? Do you use any of these things already? What’s your experience?

What do you think?