10 Ways Rebounding Can Improve your Health

Bellicon Rebounder | Hari Kalymnios

I wanted to write this blog post to talk about one of my favourite exercises – rebounding.  A rebounder is pretty much a small trampoline that you can use indoors (or outdoors) and it’s immense fun!

Rebounding has taken off in recent years and it’s now even creeping into gym sessions. With many types to chose from on the market, the best advice I can give is to try a few out – as not all rebounders are created equal. The one I chose is the bellicon. I consider it the Porsche (or Ferrari) of rebounders. Sure, it’s the most expensive – probably, but in my experience it’s also the best (and no, I don’t own a Porsche or Ferrari!).  I chose the bellicon because it is one of the few on the market that is not dependent on springs but uses bungy cord style connectors from the frame to the mat.  Because it doesn’t use springs it is quieter and softer on the joints than others.

Why rebound at all?  Well, enthusiasts of rebounding will often cite that it’s NASA’s exercise of choice.  Whilst this may or may not be true, one thing for me is certain – it was my purchase of 2011 and I’ve been doing it every day that I’ve been at home since buying one four years ago.

Top Ten Temptations to Take Up Rebounding

1.     Helps your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is essentially the sewage system for your body; transporting all the rubbish. But it needs movement to stimulate it and rebounding can increase lymph flow by as much as 14 times normal!

2.     Improves immune system

Rebounding boosts your immune system and helps to literally squeeze out toxins from your cells.  As you reach the top of your ‘flight’ you experience a ‘zero-g’ effect which is like a sponge expanding and then at the bottom you are greater than 1G which then as the effect of squeezing that sponge (in turn eliminating toxins out of them and then into processes to carry them off).

3.     Better Balance

Jumping up and down on an uneven surface helps improves your balance so will mean you are more likely to keep your balance on those slippery winter side-walks/pavements.

4.     Increases Strength of your core

Rebounding engages your entire core which makes it a great workout for your body.  I noticed that my abs got significantly more defined and stronger just by rebounding (I do virtually no crunches or sit-ups!).

5.     Strengthens the heart

Rebounding strengthens the heart as you start to move more blood around your body and it helps to reduce blood pressure.

6.     Softer on the joints than other exercises

Rebounding has almost no impact (depending on model of rebounder chosen) on the joints, which means you can get the benefits of running or skipping or jumping jacks or anything, without the wear and tear on your joints.

7.     Flexibility 

I’m not talking about yoga flexibility – although you can incorporate that into your routine.  You can rebound in any weather, while watching TV, chatting to the family or one the phone.  You can also just do any length of time you want rather than being restricted by being outside away from home.

8.     Burns calories

It’s exercise, so naturally you burn calories as you do it! You can really get your heart rate up doing this and burn many calories in just 15-30 mins.

9.     Better thinking/clarity

After a few minutes of rebounding you will find that you are able to think a bit clearer and perhaps tackle problems you were musing over a little better.  The increased oxygen to the brain, coupled with the distraction from the rebounding will help bring new perspective to your mind.

10.   Great fun!

Let’s not forget the best reason ever…it’s FUN!  You will regress to being like a kid on a trampoline.  You can wave your arms and legs however you wish. Listen to music and/or sing at the top of your voice (unless of course there are thin walls!).

Rebounding is a great and easy way to get more movement into your life. Activity is a key part to staying energised and the model I teach is called ‘The Energy B.E.A.T. Model’ which encompasses all the four fundamentals to energetic living. The ‘A’ stands for Activity and movement and exercise play a part in that section – though if you learn the model, you’ll discover that there’s a lot more to Activity than just exercise as I teach in my online training course – here.

I can’t stress enough how just 15 minutes of rebounding a day will improve your life – you’ll be more energised, clearer thinking, lifted mood and so on. Give it a try today!

Need more convincing – here’s a video….

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