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    Event Information:

    • Sat

      Soul Circus Festival - Talk: How to Wake Up Happy

      9:15 amsoulcircus.yoga Elmore, the Cotswolds

      Wake Up Happy!

      Do you ever get out of bed on the ‘wrong side’? Do you want energy and

      enthusiasm when you wake up? Feel good any time you want?

      In this talk, international speaker, Hari Kalymnios, will share with you the factors

      that you can control to enable you to feel happy and energised any time you want.

      This will be a high practical and immediately implementable talk.


      - The three forces controlling how you feel at any moment

      - Three things to factor in to every morning to feel energised and vital

      - What you need to put in place to become unstoppable in the mornings!


      TICKETS: http://soulcircus.yoga/