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    Event Information:

    • Tue

      How to Improve Your Sleep - Lunch and Learn @ WeWork SoHo Medius House

      12:00 pm2 Sheraton St, Soho, London W1F 8BH

      How to Improve Your Sleep?

      • Simple Sleep Hacks to Help You Improve Your Sleep and Wake Up Full of Energy

      Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or staying asleep?

      Is it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Are you still tired when you wake up? 

      In this interactive talk, we will be looking at one of the biggest disruptors to performance success today - sleep. 

      In this session, you’ll:

      • Understand why it is, that so many of us struggle with sleep, and what to do about it
      • Simple brain hacks to help you get up early in the morning
      • Discover who the main culprit is that is stealing your sleep
      • Find out, what happens when you have a night of disrupted sleep

      Being a high performing entrepreneur means you need to be able to perform at your best daily. Shortcutting on sleep simply isn’t the answer. Make sure you maximise your chances of success by succeeding in sleep. 

      This will be a practical and solution focussed talk that will help you improve on this huge area of your life, which is so critical to business and life success. 

      OPEN TO WEWORK MEMBERS ONLY (unless you have a day pass, or email me for one)