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    Event Information:

    • Tue

      Meet Up: The Confidence Lounge (London)

      6:30 pmMSE Meeting Rooms, 103a Oxford St Soho, London W1D 2HG

      Mind Mastery - How to Control Your Emotions and Reactions

      In this evening talk Hari will share with you some practical and easy to implement tools to help master your mind, emotions and reactions.
      By the end of this talk you will learn and understand
      • What the 3 key drivers are that affect how you feel, act and respond in any situation
      • How to change how you feel in an instant
      • Why you need to be able to master this if you want greater success in your professional and personal lives
      • What ‘the Gap’ is and why it’s important to increase it to manage your emotions
      Join Hari, and dozens of your peers, for an interesting and thought provoking talk on Tuesday 18th April.