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Event Information:

  • Sat

    Soul Circus, Gloucester

    3:00 pmElmore, Gloucester GL2 3SG

    Why You Feel The Way You Do, And What To Do About It!

    Saturday 19th August - 3PM
    In this interactive and empowering talk, Mindset Speaker - Hari Kalymnios - will share with you why it is you feel the way you do, and how you can control it so you can feel any emotion or state at will - be that more confidence, more certainty, more happiness or any other feeling.
    Hari will teach you a practical and life-changing framework for understanding your mind and allow you to walk away with something that you can implement in your life immediately with instant results.
    By the end of this talk you will learn and understand
    • What the 3 key drivers are that affect how you feel, act and respond in any situation
    • How to change how you feel in an instant
    • Why you need to be able to master this if you want greater success in your professional and personal lives
    Come along to this talk and leave Soul Circus with an invaluable insight into the workings of your emotions and learn how to manage your state at will.

    For a 10% discount quote "HARI" when you order your tickets. (Not sure if you have to email them first about it though, or whether you can do directly from site)