The YES Group (Norwich)

Becoming Superhuman: The 4 Keys to Living, Leading & Longevity

In this talk, London based author and TEDx speaker, Hari Kalymnios, will share the culmination of years of research into optimal human performance by revealing the 4 foundational areas that you must master in order to live at your best and feel SUPERHUMAN.
Hari’s own personal journey saw him learn from experts in their fields and notice patterns that all these high achievers exhibited which helped give them the health, vitality and energy that’s needed to really operate at one’s best. After taking what worked and ditching what didn’t, Hari developed a framework for unlocking a person’s real potential energy and vitality levels and feeling
SUPERHUMAN. By the end of this talk, you will:
  • Know the FOUR KEY AREAS to master to unlock your inner SUPERHUMAN
  • Take away ONE ACTION that you do to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET and set it on the path to SUCCESS.
  • Walk away with a PRACTICAL SYSTEM to assess and change your energy and vitality levels.
Event venue: The Auditorium at the Forum, Norwich
Price: £5 per person
Time: 6:30pm arrival time, 7pm start, 9.30pm finish