CAPD Seminar (London)

Superhuman Leadership – The Four Keys to Leadership, Life and Longevity

In this fun, lively and interactive session you will learn what the basis of great leadership is and how it’s comprised of four key areas. Mastery of each will allow you to become a superhuman leader with the health, vitality and energy to charge forward in life for a long time to come. By the end of this session you will:
  • Understand the four key areas you need to focus on to develop superhuman leader success
  • Explore a way to show up as your best self, no matter how you are feeling
  • Find a simple way to change your mindset to bring about improved change in your life
  • Learn a simple framework to nourish yourself for success, that takes no will power whatsoever
  • Practice how to have more presence in your interactions with everybody
  • Learn how to reduce stress in seconds and be more resilient
  • Know how to energise yourself so that you are ready for anything
  • Have a practical and simple-to-use system to assess and manage your energy levels
This session will give you the practical and simple tools to take into your business and personal lives to help you become a better performer and live with a superhuman level of health, vitality and energy. Enabling you to become, not a great leader, but a superhuman leader!