Hari Kalymnios has a passion and mission in life. And that's to help those people and organisations who want to achieve high performance by helping them to understand what it takes to live energetically. Without energy it's impossible to perform at your best. Without the appropriate energy you can't enjoy all life or business has to offer. And without enough energy, you simply are living with restriction on everything that you do.


Hari is the author of the ground-breaking and thought-jarring book - 'The Thought Gym' which has received praise for it's non-nonsense and down to earth approach. It's aimed at anyone who wishes to make improvements but has so far been limited by their own thinking. In 'The Thought Gym', Hari details in a very practical and companion-led style, a system for starting to change your habitual patterns of thinking. Changing your thinking is the first step towards any change - especially if you want to achieve high performance. Or as Hari puts it - "train the mind...and the rest will follow".


Hari is also the founder of thethoughtgym.com, an online platform which trains people on what they need to know in order to live with energy and achieve high performance - at home, at work and in life.


Hari works with forward thinking corporations, universities and professionals who realise that in order to achieve high performance and get to the next level, they need energy - and more importantly, they are willing to work to get there.

I spent just under an hour with Hari working through an NLP exercise that was intended to help me with dealing with fear. The session was amazing, I left feeling as if I had done some really important work, I felt confident and – most importantly – fearless. I also felt as if I had come away armed with some really good, practical tools to deal with difficult situations should they come up in the future.

- Ella Hickson, Award-winning Playwright and Theatrical Director