New Book Reveals: Why it is that people fail at improving their health and energy levels, and how to overcome these challenges.

This simple, practical and easy-to-read book will guide you to learning how by training your mind, your body will follow.

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In this book You Will Discover...

  • Health & Energy Abundance

    Succeed in your health, weight or energy goals where all other approaches have failed you.

  • What your beliefs and values really mean

    Learn how your beliefs and values either help, or hinder your progress and learn how to change them at will.

  • How your language affects your outcome

    Discover how the language you use affects the results you get and how it has been keeping you back all this time from getting what you really want.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

I really enjoyed this read and thought it was very informative, well researched, and very personably written: open, honest and heart felt. Some great ideas and techniques, I think there's something in there for everyone, would recommend to all!

Amit Roychodhury
Amit Roychodhury Actuary

A very practical, action orientated book filled with humuorous anecdotes and written in light hearted tone, I took away much wisdom on fixing bad lifestyle habits and optimising my diet which I plan to action with immediate effect.

Rather than give a life style how-to list, a change your attitude sort of approach, Hari Kalymnios has built a resource library in one book that can either give you a thought and action for the day, or a set of daily tasks and thoughts that could fill a week of focused activity in one topic.

Thoroughly enjoyable read, I look forward to the writer's next instalment - highly recommended!

Vishnu Hariharan
Vishnu Hariharan Co-Founder of Bluebook

This book has really helped me make positive changes and create new habits to make me feel much more energetic and keep in better shape! There are a number of exercises to do which people may be tempted to skip, each takes about 5-10mins, these I found were very powerful and are the stepping stones to achieve the body you want by thinking the right thoughts and creating better habits. Simple to read and follow and one of the best books I have read to actually deliver lasting changes and results! Highly recommended.

Joe Lake
Joe Lake NLP for Tennis Coach

I'm always on the lookout for inspiration regarding my health. I found it in the Thought Gym. After reading the book, I decided to follow through on a few of Hari's insights. I'm pleased to say he was right. I improved my thinking towards dieting and exercising. I especially found Hari's advice on breaking up a daily routine helpful. Too often a person can get stuck in a robotic set of daily actions. Changing even the smallest details really can make a difference. Overall, a great book and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their diet or wanting to exercise more.

Todd Wade
Todd Wade Vice President of IT and E-Commerce - Europe at Skechers

After reading various self help books to further develop myself, I turned into a sceptic and was disenchanted by the fact none of them fulfilled exactly what they set out to do on the front cover or in the first few pages. Many would skirt around their promise for 300 pages with you anxiously waiting for the vital pieces of info to change your life.

I was still anxiously waiting... until I discovered this book. This promising new author is the first to go against that grain. His vocabulary, style of writing, in-depth knowledge and life-changing solutions to common contemporary issues, enables you to change your game and fulfil your life to how you've always dreamt of it to be.

For all you ditherers... Take a chance on this book, you won't regret it.

Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Sky TV

The author has taken well known theories and explained a very practical way of applying them. The interactive style is very refreshing. You do need to be in the right frame of mind, as with all self help books this is not about persuading you to do what you know you should, but once you know you want something, this provides an excellent, achievable thought process guide to keep you on the straight and narrow and achieve your goals. Hari has a knack for identifying and side-stepping your brain's weak spots.

Sonya Ritchie
Sonya Ritchie
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